Hi there! I’m a WordPress theme developer, a man who want to make product that used by people.

My themes product license is GPL. In other word, is totally free. Did you know how to get WordPress? Yes, my themes same as WordPress. You could distribute, changing the code in anyway.

Do not hesitate to spread my themes to the world. If you have any question:


Malvouz ( malvouz [at] gmail.com )

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  1. Cody says:

    Hi! Your theme is great one question: The bottom navigation bar is centered, but the top is not. Is there a way to center the top bar?

  2. Cosmin says:

    Help me with something.
    I need to know how can I insert, instead of name of the blog, in header a small image, my blog logo..
    Tell me what to write and where in header for adding a small image like a logo.
    Thank you and good job with this theme.
    Is perfect.

  3. Hi Malvouz,

    First, thanks for creating this theme, I’m loving the simple nature of it!

    The question:

    Sorry to trouble you, but I am a real newbie and am trying to remove the “comments off”, or any reference to, in all my pages.

    I have looked around at the forums but to no avail as I am definitely not that savvy when it comes to html code!

    Do you have a couple quick tips how to remove this piece from my entire site.

    Any help appreciated, thanks again.


    • Malvouz says:

      Hi Pete, thanks for your kind of word.

      You have to open 3 files (single.php, page.php, and content.php) and find this code.

      < ?php comments_popup_link( __( 'Leave a comment', 'baris' ), __( '1 comment', 'baris' ), __( '% comments', 'baris' ) ); ?>

      There are 2 options:
      1. You could deleted those code.
      2. You can change those code to

      < ?php comments_popup_link( __( 'Leave a comment', 'baris' ), __( '1 comment', 'baris' ), __( '% comments', 'baris' ), '', '' ); ?>

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